fruit additon

  1. BilltownBrewingCo

    "Nordic Princess" Raspberry Wheat

    Hello all. I am in the fermentation stage with this beer, despite not having a ton of info on Voss Kveik and the flavors it imparts in wheat beers. I also have not brewed with Raspberries in the past, and would like some advice. Just a bit about brew day- We hit our OG right on the button at...
  2. Devin Trudgen

    Fruit Krausen

    Hey fellow homebrewers, I brewed a Raspberry Hef. My first time adding fruit to secondary. As expected my bubbler started up again and I got another krausen that formed. However, the new krausen hasn't dropped out after a week (bubbler has stopped). Do I wait it out? Rack from underneath...
  3. B

    Estimating PPG from Steeped Cherries

    I'm steeping dried cherries in the recipe below and have guessed at the ppg contribution added by this step. Anyone have any experience here to evaluate my guess? I thought about taking a hydrometer reading of the steeped liquid before adding it. If SG=1.005 then my guess is correct, I think...