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  1. The Green Man
    The Green Man
    Two brews on. Session NEIPA...yes, I have just made it up. And, a very big starter/ mini brew of Saison/ Belgian ale.
  2. The Green Man
    The Green Man
    Just found I over did it with watering back with cold water. My OG is way off. Who said session NEIPA's weren't a thing anyway?
  3. Blackmuse
    Wishing I were brewing!
  4. Donoroto
  5. The Green Man
    The Green Man
    Just waiting for decent enough weather to brew up my next beer.
  6. Dylon
    Always brewing
  7. Big Monk
    Big Monk
    Trappist Please!
  8. The Green Man
    The Green Man
    Just getting back into brewing again after a break.
    1. Trialben
      Great to hear man
      May 23, 2020
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  9. illimanisnow
  10. BrewPatgonia
    'the beer I had for breakfast wasn't bad, so I had another one for dessert'
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  11. Beer Foundry
    Beer Foundry
    Brewing weekly during the lockdown
  12. Blackmuse
    Been getting a lot of brewing in lately :) Home Toasted Lager, Vienna Lager, Bock, Dunkleweiss, Maple Brown Ale, and a hybrid: Belgian Bock?
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  13. Trialben
    One small step for Man one giant beer for Me!
  14. BrewPatgonia
    300 pints in bottles, 40 ltrs fermenting; I shouldn't make more... but what is a guy to do, rainy day and isolation?
  15. andrewpaulharrison
  16. andrewpaulharrison
  17. Starter Hops
    Starter Hops
    Spring vineyard pruning complete
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  18. Hop fiend
    Hop fiend
    Where there's hops there's a way..!
  19. Mka
    Mka TxBrew

    Question, yesterday I did a 5 gallon batch of this pale ale and I have no fermentation, either the yeast was not warm up enough or cells were dead however I'm planning to to get a new yeast this morning and add it.

    Can this batch be safe if add a healthy yeast this morning

    This is the yeast the recipe calls
    White Labs - San Diego Super Yeast WLP090


  20. Bulin's Milker Bucket Brews
    Bulin's Milker Bucket Brews
    Soon, soon my precious...