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  1. rodvik
    These craft brewery goers are no Al Bundy's. Lots of skinny jeans around and groomed beards lol.
  2. rodvik
    These Hazy Hop Bombs are delicious but they make me extremely sleepy after just one pint. Is that just me?
  3. Trialben
    Contradicting myself again!
  4. Brewer #96004
    Brewer #96004
    Brewing weird ale
  5. Starter Hops
    Starter Hops
    Hop plants available now, 15+ varieties
  6. vstarkweather
    A saison and a cider now fermenting.
  7. jneighbors
    All grain brewer, 24 batches since 2012
  8. Starter Hops
    Starter Hops
    Please stop the grass from growing, I want to brew
  9. Sølve
  10. jdingo
    New brewer 4 batches, all grain, not bad, Like Belgians
  11. Starter Hops
    Starter Hops
    Its 420. Make tonight's brew sesh beautiful.
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  12. KenK
    Still able to sit up and take nourishment
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  13. Starter Hops
    Starter Hops
    The hop plants are waking up nicely
  14. jdwebb
    A cantankerous old man that despises BS.
  15. jdwebb
    Retired cantankerous old man that despises bullshit.
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    1. Mark D Pirate
      Mark D Pirate
      same but i'm not retired yet !
      Apr 3, 2017
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  16. Trialben
    Amusing amusing what recipe to brew next
    1. Mark D Pirate
      Mark D Pirate
      BEER ! silly question mate ... try my cRYE baby XPA or one of about a billion other decent recipes on this site
      Mar 28, 2017
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  17. Cerveza Brewer
  18. Ootsa Brewer
    Ootsa Brewer
    Just had a pint of my Blue Boat summer session ale in the sunshine
  19. Yeast Head
    Yeast Head
    Testing the California Common batch. For science, ya know
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  20. thomas goldenhands
    thomas goldenhands Brewer #57032
    cant find your BM20L equipment profile