First Batch

150 calories 13.1 g
Beer Stats
Method: BIAB
Style: American IPA
Boil Time: 60 min
Batch Size: 5 gallons (fermentor volume)
Pre Boil Size: 8 gallons
Post Boil Size: 6.5 gallons
Pre Boil Gravity: 1.029 (recipe based estimate)
Efficiency: 62% (brew house)
Calories: 150 calories (Per )
Carbs: 13.1 g (Per )
Created Sunday September 29th 2019
Amount Fermentable Cost PPG °L Bill %
10 lb American - Pale 2-Row10 lb Pale 2-Row 37 1.8 100%
10 lbs / 0.00
Amount Variety Cost Type AA Use Time IBU Bill %
1 oz Cascade1 oz Cascade Hops Pellet 5.4 Boil 60 min 27.35 33.3%
1 oz Cascade1 oz Cascade Hops Pellet 5.4 Boil 5 min 4.96 33.3%
1 oz Cascade1 oz Cascade Hops Pellet 5.4 Boil 0 min 33.3%
3 oz / 0.00
Mash Guidelines
Amount Description Type Temp Time
Steeping 152 °F 80 min
Fermentis - Safale - American Ale Yeast US-05
1 Each
Attenuation (avg):
Optimum Temp:
54 - 77 °F
Fermentation Temp:
Pitch Rate:
0.35 (M cells / ml / ° P) 76 B cells required
0.00 Yeast Pitch Rate and Starter Calculator
Method: co2       CO2 Level: 2.25 Volumes
Target Water Profile
Balanced Profile
Ca+2 Mg+2 Na+ Cl- SO4-2 HCO3-
0 0 0 0 0 0
5 tablets of chlorine treatment added to strike water
Mash Chemistry and Brewing Water Calculator

Boil rate with Christian's burner was exactly 1 gallon/hr.
Started with 9 gal. in strike water. Added 5 campden tablets to remove chlorine. Brought up to 162ish. Added barley and temp. dropped. Had lots of trouble getting it back up to right temperature (fluctuating), I think i spiked it at 170ish? Not sure.
Waited 80 minutes. At the end of 80 mins., I pulled the barley and 8 gals remained. Boiled with lid open for 60 minutes. Worried falling leaves from mimosa tree may have fallen into the boil, but didn't see any during the boil. Accidentally added 1oz hops at 60 (was supposed to add ½oz at 60 and the other half at 30). When boil was finished, I still had 6.5 gals. Took FOREVER to cool to 80. At 80 or maybe a little under (1:30 am), i drained to fermenter and tried to keep out junk and ended up with 4. I kept adding more from the bottom of the boil, and the quality was nasty looking, but brought it up to about 4 ¾. and took a sample at 1.046. I added 2 bottles of cold water to bring it up to 5 gal. I added the yeast and stored.

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Last Updated: 2019-10-01 23:24 UTC

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