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Partner Program
Want to generate extra income for your business? When a brewer you send us upgrades to a premium subscription, you will get a cut of the proceeds and future renewals! This possible because we are a cloud based subscription service.

Implementing the Partner Program is easy and risk free.

Brewer's Friend is easy for beginners to use, and sufficiently advanced for experienced brewers. Our about page has more information, including testimonials. We improve the site constantly and respond to our user's requests. With a free trial and low pricing Brewer's Friend is an easy sell. The resources at this site (many are free) lead to a better brewing experience which reinforces the cycle, generating repeat business for you!

After you login, (please sign up first), you will be able to apply for the Partner Program at this page. No purchase is necessary, though we recommend our partners have premium memberships to show their customers how committed they are to the Brewer's Friend community.

Plus, it is a good idea try it out on your own so you can see how awesome it is and then tell your customers how excited you are. Enter a recipe, do a brew session, and see how it feels.

A simple way to promote your store is to setup a profile page, upload your logo and share lots of great beer recipes.
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