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Brew Sessions make brewing faster, worry free and more repeatable.

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Look for the green 'Brew' button on the recipe view page.

A Brew Session does the following:
  • Generates a list of steps tailored to your recipe and process. These steps can be checked off as you go or printed.
  • Allows logging of gravity readings, tasting notes, and other comments for record keeping. Accurate records are a big deal when it comes to consistent quality.
  • Calculates actual ABV and Apparent Attenuation.
  • Tracks what phase the brew is in.
  • Includes a brew timer that walks you through the brewing process step by step.
  • Option to 'snapshot' the recipe which creates an editable copy of the recipe tied to the brew session (nice if an ingredient had to be substituted).
For All Grain Brewing all of the above, plus:
  • Calculates how much water you will need given your equipment profile.
  • Water chemistry calculator for brewing salt additions.
  • Mash calculator for strike water, mash thickness, infusions. Tracks how much water has been used. Shows how much water is left so you can accurately hit the target batch volume.
  • Automatic calculation of Brewhouse Efficiency.

Brew with total confidence.

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