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    Join Date: 01/04/12
    Location: Denver
    My Brewing:

    The system = 2 x 5-gallon batches per brew session on a dual-propane burner. Use 2 x 12-gallon mash tuns. One mash tun uses a manifold and the other a dome shaped false bottom. Been successful with both and prefer the dome shaped false bottom as it flows better. Was fortunate to work at a few brewery's, helping brew & serve where I learned a lot. Reading books, Zymurgy and talking with home brew buddies is where I've learned the most. More so, just brewing and brewing and brewing is where you get the best results for what works, I feel. Take good notes or don't forget, right...

    My Beers:

    Spice & herb beers are some of my favorites to brew because of the different outcomes and complex flavors. I've used; cinnamon, cardamon, clove, ginger and basil which are a lot of fun. I really like to brew pumpkin beers. Stouts are an all-time favorite and I still like to think my best batch was my first all-grain batch of a coffee stout. When I'm patient with my lagers, the dark lager is one of my favorites and others have agreed as it took 2nd in the CO-State-Fair 2012. My base malts consist of Golden Promise, American (Rahr) Pils & German Munich. My common specialty malts are crystal 40, 60, 120, biscuit (victory), torrified wheat, pale chocolate and I'm a big fan of baking flaked oats and using this in a lot of beers. I typically toss 1/2-lb of honey into my IPA's and spice beers. I love to experiment with fruit in different stages in the brewing process, from end of boil to 2nd-ary. Still trying to perfect the blueberry stout.