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Ref your Rochefort 8 recipe. How did it turn out? Did you do a double starter, and did you use bottling yeast? Do you think that the quantity of coriander was OK? I'd be interested in/grateful for your comments. I brew 26L all grain, with a fairly basic kettle/mash tun/fermenter set-up, in East Kent (where the EK Goldings come from!) Cheers.
Hi I'm a new brewer and wanting to try your Trooper ESB. I'm planning on brewing on Saturday, 8-12-23. Your recipe calls for "American - Pale 2-Row - Toasted." I was wanting to find out what you mean by "toasted" and if that means I'm supposed to toast the grain in an oven prior to the brew, or if there's a process required outside of regular brewing process. Your guidance would be greatly appreciated.
Hi Yooper,
I saw you copied on some messages about Premium Pro. I have some questions about the features as they relate to operating a brewery. Can you direct me to someone who can help with this?