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Mar 19, 2013
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I've been brewing for a grand total of almost three and half months, and I've brewed either 9 or 10 batches. Yea, that's almost every weekend. My first 3 batches were all-grain BIAB, after which I built a mash tun. I've never actually brewed with extract, except to use it for yeast starters. I've since found out that a lot of homebrewers consider it a big "jump" to go to all-grain, so I guess that's kinda cool...?

Anyway, my 3rd batch was un-drinkable after I tried to make a "big" IPA, in a bag, in a 7 gal aluminum brew pot... what a noob. That experience prompted the building of a mash tun, a keggle, a wort chiller, and I even built a chiller for the chiller (a mini chiller that goes in an ice bath between the hose and the wort chiller). I'm not sure how necessary the chiller's chiller is, but I was on a roll! I've since been turning out pretty good beer.

I have a few questions that I'm not finding answers to, so I figured I'd introduce myself before I started asking. So there it is. Cheers!
Welcome to the fold.

Have to say your avatar is a bit forward! Not sure who you are flipping off, but it certainly caught my attention! :lol:
Haha! Hope i don't offend! It's become my go-to avatar, but originally it was from fantasy football where it was directed towards my opponents! I'm on the lookout for a more "appropriate" avatar for this forum...
Your kegerator makes an excellent profile pic! Cheers! :D