What's the haps, brewsephs?


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Jun 24, 2013
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After lots of looking around, the combination forum/brew log setup of Brewer's Friend really pulled me into spending all 10 of my American dollahs to join you fools. It's already improved my brewing, and I'm looking forward to logging more brews each month, y'all! Cheers and Salud and all that jazz.

Insert shameless plug for my tiny homebrew blog here, at http://releasethekrausen.wordpress.com. No ads, so won't profit from your criticism of my color scheme or barbaric writing style.
Hi there, welcome to the fold! Glad you like the site!

Your website looks good. I just tweeted that infographic about the growth of craft brewing:
http://www.brewersassociation.org/pages ... nfographic

I'm wondering, would a recipe 'embed' feature be of interest? Noticed you have several recipes stored as text at your site. That is a feature we have been pondering.

Absolutely, I would use that on the daily. I just input one of my legacy brew recipes in your online logs, and I was planning on making the other ones a part of it as well. With an embed feature I would not have to copy/paste a template every time I blogged a recipe.
The embed feature is live! After you share a recipe, look for the EMBED link in the Export menu, or near the other sharing icons at the top of the recipe view page.
In the provided embed code for recipes, it works (for me) when I changed http to https on the brewersfriend url