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    I brewed 2 beers that didn't turn out the way I thought they would. One was supposed to be a red ale and the other a wheat beer. The red ale did not come out very red at all, and I didn't use enough wheat in the wheat beer for it to really be a wheat beer. here are the recipes:

    "Red Ale"
    5lbs - 2 row malt
    1 lb Light Munich
    1/2 lb Amber Malt
    3 lb light LME
    2 oz Triskel hop at 60min boil
    2 oz Triskel hop at flame out
    1 whrlfloc tablet
    safale US-05 Al Yeast
    1/2 lb Maltodextrin
    OG; 1032
    FG: 1015
    3% abv

    "Wheat Beer"
    5 lbs 2 row malt
    1 lb flaked wheat
    3 lb light DME
    2 oz Strisselspalt hops at boil
    2 oz strisselspalt hops at flame out
    1 oz sweet orange peel
    safale WB-06 Wheat yeast
    OG: 1060
    FG: 1011
    7% abv

    What do these recipes look like to you?
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    Basic homebrew. ;)
    If you intend to brew to style, don't just choose ingredients arbitrarily. Find some good, proven recipes and adapt them to your system or at least find style-specific articles that clearly describe the typical malt bill, percentages and hops to give yourself some better guidelines.
    Neither "Red Ale" or "Wheat Beer" is a style. Maybe an Irish Red Ale is what you're after and that generally wouldn't involve using an American West Coast Ale yeast. As for wheat beers, there's American Wheat Beer, Hefeweizen, Belgian Wit, all of which are going to have a majority percentage of the grist in malted wheat and which derive at least part of the flavor from specific mash rest temperatures as well as yeast strain.
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    For the red in the red ale try adding a small amount of chocolate malt like 4oz.

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