Weak witbier

Are those the #'s it actually turned out as or did the FG come out lower?
Thar recipe isn't going to have a thick mouth feel but should have some complexity with the adjuncts and herbs.
All ingredients fresh?
In terms of yeast - American Wheat isn't going to give much to the malt profile. I tend to use that for my summer thirst quenchers. Pilsner/wheat as the base leads to a light beer.

The herbs will add to the aroma, flavor, and finish, but not the body.

Maybe mash it towards 158 next time if you want more body? Or, add specialty malts like victory, crystal 40, munich, etc.
I forgot to add, make sure to use yeast nutrient and proper pitch rate.
Thanks All. Brewing again for big brew day this Saturday
The only fresh ingredients was the orange peel.

Will change to Belgian wit yeast and mash higher