Water Alkalinity - Bicarbonate/Hardness?

Discussion in 'Recipe Editor' started by StrangeQuark, Feb 12, 2015.

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    Hi Folks,

    The water editor allows me to enter alkalinity as either "Bicarbonate HCO3" or "Hardness CaCO3".

    Unfortunately my water report gives me more options than I know what to do with:

    Alkalinity mg/l CaCO3: 151
    Alkalinity mg/l HCO3: 185
    Total Hardness mg/l CaCO3: 212

    I suspect that, the water calculator probably prefers either Bicarbonate or Hardness, but can use the non-preferred value to estimated the preferred one in the preferred is not available. (This seems to be the case on other calculators which say explicitly that they work better with one or the other.) But I'm not sure which Brewers Friend works best with.

    Second, if CaCO3 is preferred, should I be using the alkalinity value or the total hardness? I guess the former as it seems to match the "alkalinity" label more closely, but I thought I might as well check while I'm on the topic in case there's some confusion of terminology between here and my water report.

    Ta in advance,

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