"Summer Daze" - Bell's Oberon Ale Clonish

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    One of my favorite recipes that I brewed (and drank) a lot of in 2012 was my "Oberon Ale Clone". Back in early May I took some bottles of Oberon Ale with me back down to Mexico and cultivated the yeast.

    I've tried a couple of different variations of clone recipes that I found on the internet and then just started tweaking them as I saw fit. Here is the current result:


    Again, I'm not really interested in making a spot-on Oberon clone ... I just want to make a beer that I really like that has Oberon influence.

    I think I'll try adding some orange peel or better yet mandarin peel into the next batch. I have the following questions regarding this:

    1) Should I use the entire peel or just the "Zest" that you scrape off of the peel?? ... For cooking, Zest always yields the best results ... it get's the orange flavor without the peel bitterness.

    2) For a 7 gallon batch ... how much should I use?? ... I want the flavor to be subtle ... maybe only enough to accentuate the Saaz and Cascade hops flavors ... but enough to make the overall beer taste more fresh and fruity.

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