It would be interesting if everything is in Spanish. I am from Argentina. Excellent web. ;)

Trust me, I can barely manage English most of the time. My 6 years of Spanish mean I can say "Una Cerveza por favor" and "Hijo de puta". You don't want me making the site in Spanish!

Oh, and I can say "Estoy enferma" and point to my stomach. I learned that one in Mexico, the hard way.
you pick up a bunch vacationing down on the coast too ;) but when I hear the word gringo I act stupid lol
no but seriously Ive worked on sites where we had 10 language files and its rather a pain, you have to put a place holder for every word or phrase that draws in the from a text file that defines each word it takes months to completely set up a site this big, I know the blog and forum already have that capability but the rest of the scripts pull from js files sometimes and thats even harder
English is my first language but most of thentime i speak in jibberish and fluent jibberish when ive got a few beers under me belt lol
Understood Noqx03
Everyone's native language is important to them, but on a world wide forum there has to be a Lingua Franca. At the moment it's 'Globish.
- World English - but it could have been Koine Greek, it was in the 1st century CE. As a native English speaker it's easy for me, but I do understand the frustration of non native English speakers.
And my English is nothing like someone from the USA or Australia or Canada or NZ!
Aye it's right parky oop 'ere in Lanky tha knows :D:D
Absolutely, the problem is not the web in general, I guess most understand English, otherwise I would not have registered on this website but sometimes it is difficult with the specific vocabulary. Only that ... I am willing to collaborate in the translation if they need it. I am a programmer, systems analyst.

Esto es simplemente pensando en que es excelente este software y que podría masificarse si estuviese en otros idiomas.

Thank you!!!
We've also seen a big ask for Portuguese as well. I need to find out how language is done, if it's coded into the code or a language pack.

We would need a brewer to help us translate properly for all the terms.
Translate words in other language is really simple but the difficult is translate the meaning of a sentence
For example I'm Italian and ,if I'm talking about food , "well done" could be translated as very good taste ( Ben fatto) but if I don't mistake the real meaning is cooked for more time( Ben cotto ) and those are two different things...
Even if I traslate with google sometimes the translation makes no sense and sometimes you write word as a 'slang'... I would forbid slangs ...LOL
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