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Feb 27, 2014
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Hi All,

Apologies if this has been asked/answered. I looked but could not find it addressed.

In the recipe builder I am trying to edit my hop additions. I added a couple of dry hop additions at 9 days, clicked the sort hops button hoping this would slot the new 9 day additions before the 11 day editions. However nothing seems to happen.

My question is: how does the "sort hops" function work?

not sure about the dry hopping side of things, but for the boil hops it will sort them in descending order with the longest boiling time on top.

could it be a bug where the dry hop additions do the same thing? with the largest number of days first, and so on
Ok I think you may have nailed it jmcnamara. Just did a test which suggested your theory is correct. So there would just need to be an exception in the code that says where "Use" equals dry hop or whirlpool order "Time" from lowest to highest.


Might want to submit an email or something for this bug, to make sure they see it. It might take a little bit to get it fixed, but they'll get to it at some point
this should be a request not a technical issue, try posting it there
Thanks guys! ... I have sent a couple of emails via the 'contact' page but no response so far.

Will submit the request.

Hi guys, thanks for the feedback on this. I want to make sure we have the right behavior though. It'll always be tough to sort the hops in the order they're needed without knowing exactly how the process will be executed, especially on dry hop additions.

So in your method, you add the shorter addition first, followed by the longer ones? Or do you add all at the same time and remove the shorter additions earlier? I could also envision people treating dry-hop additions similar to the boil, where the longest go in first, then the shorter ones, and they're all removed at the same time. I'm playing devil's advocate a bit, but I guess what I'm getting at is that it's difficult to tell the proper sort order, so I'm leaning toward just keeping this consistent to make it predictable regardless of use.

I'm very open to suggestions though - let me know if I'm missing something or just being dumb on this :D
I think what hes saying is the sort should be from day 1 to 100 in order so dry hop 5 days then another 10 days should be in order from 5 then 10 below and so on, I agree with this
Slight derail, but really appreciate the thought on this Josh.

I don't really dry hop, but I could see it going both the ways you mentioned. Not a lot of help, I know, but still kudos
Ah, gotcha. If you guys think that's the most useful sort then I'm definitely on board. I'll get this adjusted. Thanks!
Hey guys, I finished making the changes for this and updated the recipe editor. So now dry hop use hops will sort in ascending order of time. Let me know if you still see any issues with that. Thanks!
Apologies, I've just returned to the thread after a few days away.

Awesome work Josh. Just tried it and works exactly as expected/requested.

Really appreciate the response on this as I do a lot of dry hopping and ordering in the recipe is a small thing in a way but could have a big impact on getting it just right.

Many thanks!

Hi Josh,

I think something has changed in the "Sort Hops" function since you made the above fix. Now when I click "sort hops" the dry hopping is fine, however the Whirlpool hopping arranges/sorts in order of highest to lowest.

For example: I have two additions for Whirlpool hopping, one at 0 minutes and a second at 30 minutes. When I click on Sort Hops it orders the 30 minute addition before the 0 minute. See attached image.


Hey guys, I finished making the changes for this and updated the recipe editor. So now dry hop use hops will sort in ascending order of time. Let me know if you still see any issues with that. Thanks!


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When you put the hops in, the time you set in there is for the number of minutes of whirpool

For example, when I brewed yesterday, I chilled to 185 and then added my whirlpool hops and whirlpooled for 20 minutes, then chilled the wort the rest of the way.

What do you mean by whirlpooling for 0 minutes? You're adding them at flame out and then whirlpooling? Then adding the next hops 30 minutes later? Don't forget to put your temperature in the whirpool hops box as well, so you get the IBU calculation.

Here's mine, although there is only one whirlpool addition. Hops added before the end of the boil are "boil" hops (or added at flame out, since the wort is still boiling), and the whirlpool hops have the time and temperature added to them.

Ahhh ok .... yes that's what I was doing. I'm fairly new to whirlpool hopping. So if I add hops at flameout, whirlpool for 30 mins, then add more hops at around 77C for a further 15 mins, I need to put 45 mins against the fameout hops for whirlpooling.

That makes sense.

Cheers Yooper, thanks for the clarification.
I don't think dry hop additions are being sorted correctly. The FAQ has this to say about the Time field: "For Dry Hops the time field turns to days - eg the number of days to soak the hops in the beer." E.g., "4 days" is a 4 day soak in the beer. "10 days" is a 10 day soak. So, the 10 day hops would go in *before* the 4 day hops. The "sort" function is doing the opposite.