Soliciting opinions on smoking grains

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    I have a recipe I developed a couple of years ago for a smoked amber ale. This is a very successful recipe, as I've won third place in one competition and second place in another competition with it. So I know it's a solid recipe, and one which I intend to brew every summer.


    I smoke the grains myself, using hickory wood. This makes for a very subtle, but effective smokiness throughout, from aroma to finish.

    My procedure is to pour the grains into one of those roasting pans you cook a turkey in and smoke them for about an hour. The ambient temperature gets to around 150ºF, but the grains themselves only feel warm to the touch. I also stir them periodically and spray them with water to prevent scorching.

    But it occurs to me that I might get a more aggressive, but still very pleasant smoke aspect by crushing the grains first. Previously, I've smoked the whole grains, then crushed them. Any thoughts on this? Has anyone done this, and what were the results? What might be some things to keep in mind?

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