Snowed in and not brewing....


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Jul 16, 2012
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It's coming down today in Denver. Would have been a great brew day but I didn't bother to get supplies for my Altbier, the next experiment, this week. C'est la vie. Instead I'm painting. So the question, fellow zymurgists and cerevisophiles: What would you do with a snowed-in day?
Drink beer I guess and stay warm. Design recipes. Read about brewing - just finished a great book on IPAs by Mitch Steele that will turn into a blog post.
Not to rub it in, but I had to put sun screen on today while I was brewing on my back porch. To be fair I did start the day off with a sweat shirt on!
Foster, I wouldn't trade with you, not even for unimpaired travel to the homebrew shop! I love living here and the occasional snowstorm just makes it that much better! But I did as others suggested, drank beer, studied recipes, thought about the next batch (Norddeutsche-art Altbier) and painted the walls to keep peace in the family. Prost! And here's to Gemütlichkeit on a cold, snowy day. And ein gutes Bier.
Nosy, having traveled trough Colorado several times, I can safely say I understand where you are coming from. I grew up in the mountains of northern PA on a rural farm, and without a doubt miss those times. But the warm March days here in VA are hard to beat.