regular big orders of american hops to central europe

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    Sorry if it's not the right thread

    Hi, what's up.

    We run a small brewery in central-eastern Europe. We've been searching for some new varieties of american hops. We would like to import them directly from the USA, especially that some other breweries would like to join us.

    Eventually something like 5-10 tons of hops once a 2 months. Mostly the popular varaities in pellets (cascade, cintra, amarillo, chinook), but there is space for some new stuff. Possibly from different sources/farmers/organisations.

    Could you guys be so kind to give any advice?
    Whom to ask? What are the prizes per lbs/kg if we order so much (let's say at least 1000kg of each variety)?
    Can we expect from the producer to pack the hops in specific bags/containers (let's say 5 or 10kg)?
    Are there any particular farmers we should contact or there is just a chance of making the order (mix of varieties) via organisations like

    Greatly appreciate in advance!

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