Recommendations with these ingredients?

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    First time brewer here(beer, anyways) and have some supplies coming in the next few days to get me started. Excited to get this going(hopefully ready in time for Christmas. If not, then New years)

    - Coopers kit with the 23L fermenter, hydrometer, 30x bottles, 1.7kg can of Coopers Lager, 1kg Box of sugar/maltodex, etc etc

    In addition to the kit:

    - German Northern Brewer Hops - 1 OZ
    - New Zealand Nelson Sauvin Hop Pellets 1 OZ
    - Coopers India Pale Ale 1.7kg
    - Briess Amber DME - 3LB
    - Light DME (1 lb)
    - Wyeast 1203-PC Burton IPA Blend
    - Campden Tablets (dechlorination)
    - Maltodextrin (8oz)

    I think I've watched enough CraigTube(awesome channel btw) to have an idea of where to go with this stuff.

    An IPA on the strong side is what I had in mind, so Coopers IPA it is. Will probably do a starter with the WY for 12 hours or maybe more before getting started.

    For fermentables I'm thinking the kit sugar(1kg/2.2lb) + ~1.5lb Amber DME, perhaps another 0.5lb brown sugar? Boiled 20mins, reduce heat and add some hops for remaining 5 mins. Brewed to 23L...any extra maltodextrin may not be necessary with some being in the kit sugar, plus DME. But i do like a full bodied beer.

    That's my plan for the time being. Feel free to criticize or throw any pointers my way.

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    Recommend starter 1 or 2 days befor brew to make sure it's Finnished if you e got it under relative temperature pitch the lot in. Use the yeast calculator in your edit recipe section to determine starter size required for your brew in m thinking for an ale anything round 1 LT or more will be fine at 1.040. Personally don't add any simple sugars to your brew if you like a full bodied brew sugar will lighten the mouthfeel and also reduce yeast attenuation resulting in sweeter beer depends on what your after. I hear IPA ain't a sweet drop more dry. Them 5 minute addition hops will be more aroma maybe half them and add half a 5 mins and half dry hop day 5 into fermentation.

    Last question are you an Aussie ;).

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