Oval Office Coopers Craft Beer Recipe

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    I am wanting to make the Recipe for Oval Office (Honey Amber) 8.5L Beer using Coopers Craft Mr Beer North West Pale Ale.
    I have two questions which I Hope someone can answer for me:
    1.The Recipe calls for Smooth Malt Extract....Can I use 250 gm of Coopers Light Dry Malt??
    2.Their is a Yeast Sachet provided with the Kit....is this yeast the Safale S-04 Dry Ale Yeast as called for in the recipe?
    1.3kg Northwest Pale Ale
    250g Smooth Malt Extract
    250g Honey (of your choice)
    12g Fuggle Hop Pellets
    Safale S-04 Dry Ale Yeast
    Pack of Carbonation Drops
    Colour: AmberBody: HeavyBitterness: MediumApprox. Alcohol Level: 7.2% ABVNaturally Carbonated: Natu
    My Fuggle Hop Pellets Bag is 15gm can I still use this??
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    Isn't the Smooth Extract their Amber? Whatever it is, just plug in whatever gets you to the right numbers in the recipe calculator. Any DME might be fine but I think you'll do well with something darker.

    The way I've done Mr. Beer recipes in the Brewers friend calculator is to start with the amount of LME that corresponds to the weight of the can and find the type (amber, light, etc) of LME that will match the color, ABV, etc for the proper size batch - their web site has the appropriate numbers for each of their refills. Then add whatever hops seem appropriate in a small amount to approximate the IBUs listed for the refill can.
    Once you have values that match the basic refill, you can add components to get you to the proper numbers for the larger recipe. It seems unwieldy, but it actually works pretty well. I did a number of MR. Beer recipes using just the basic refills that come with their LBK fermenter kits and adding appropriate ingredients obtained locally.
    It's still hopped extract beer which can be less than perfect to say the least until it's conditioned a long time, but it'll make beer.
    Unless you're buying full recipes from Coopers or Mr.Beer, and if you have access to a local supply of basic extracts and hops, I'd just start with a good basic extract recipe and go from there.

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