Oops! Need Help: Took ori. grav. AFTER yeast added.


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Sep 20, 2015
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Hey guys, had an all grain brew session of a clone recipe of deschutes fresh squeezed. Faced some troubleshooting mid brew and got a bit distracted. Added the yeast starter then remembered to grab original gravity. Ori. grav. reading is 10.46 and projected Ori. grav. with receipt was 10.60.

I'm wondering if there's a conversion factor or rough estimate to apply so I can understand how much the addition of the yeast affected the original gravity and regain a more accurate assessment of true original gravity reading so I can hopefully better determine my final gravity and over final octane level.

Thanks guys!
If you used a hydrometer, there is no effect. Hydrometers measure the sugars dissolved into the fluid, not the particulate matter floating around.

If you used a refractometer, I don't know for certain. as I have never used one. It is my understanding that refractometers measure the sugar content by the way that the fluid refracts light. How particulate matter effects that refraction,I don't know. I would assume not much.
Refractometer: The particulates will "fuzz" up the reading - you'll get a band instead of a clean line. That's about the only effect I can think of. Your reading should be accurate enough for homebrew in any case.
Used a hydrometer, so sounds like it's no big deal, but we'll remember for next time.
Tip: brewing with upwards of three friends is best as it's more social and fun while killing time between steps and it comes in handy when troubleshooting with boiling hot Kegels on the burner. Team lifting and a copper pipe for the save.