Now I know what diacetyl tastes like

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    Just sampled a bottle of a Traditional Bock beer I brewed. Two weeks in primary (52 F), three days diacetyl rest (65 F at peak), then three weeks lagering (33 F). No secondary. It's only the second lager I've done. Still...pretty disappointed. The only thing I know I did wrong was to let my yeast starter (Wyeast Bavarian Lager 2206) hit 80 F for a few hours. I didn't think that was enough to hurt the little buggers but apparently it did. Are there any other likely culprits I should consider?

    It as a fairly simple recipe
    9.5 lbs pale 2-row
    1.75 lbs crystal 60
    4 lbs flaked corn
    1.5 oz Huell Melon hops at 60 min
    Water additions to get close to Brewers Friend Balanced 2 water profile

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