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Feb 1, 2013
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Hi All
Just a note by way of introduction. I'm almost finished the construction of my all grain set up using three converted s steel kegs. All electric, with my own control panel some of which is a modified copy of Kal's Electric Brewery,to whom most of the credit is given. I'll be using a counterflow chiller, again one of my own manufacture.
Pumps are from the UK. I started off planning to use March or March-May pumps but eventually gave up trying to get them in the UK for a sensible price and instead went with an english version of a similar pump.March and March-May are seperate companies it seems and they don't speak to each other too much.
Anyway, thanks for reading..just need to fully leak test etc now and then I'll be onto my first brew. Any ideas as to what that should be Guys? I like hoppy beers with some body and colour too.
Cheers :D
That's awesome!

First thing I brewed in my shed was a summer hefe, because I wanted something fast and I was out of beer! Also wanted to see if the electric system would scortch, which it did not.

I'd say brew something big, but be ready for variation since it is a new system might take awhile to get it dialed in.
Would love to see your setup, and especially your control panel. I am in the midst of a build myself and I dig electric systems. Post some pics if you can.
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Here are some pictures Guys


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Wow, that is the mother of all electric systems! Looks clean and organized. You must have time on the order of man years put into that. I'm impressed! :p
Very nice. The transparent front of the control box is a nice touch. I also like like polished keggles. It shows level of craftsmanship and pride in ones equipment. I hope it brews as good as it looks. Thanks for the pics.
Thank you very much gentlemen... :D