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Discussion in 'General Brewing Discussions' started by Myndflyte, Aug 29, 2017.

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    I want to do a small batch experiment but I need some help picking a sour blend. My idea is to make a cherry stout without using any cherries. I plan to use the wine yeast BM45 which produces "big cherry aromatics and flavor". The only problem is that wine yeast can't break down maltotriose, which is a grain sugar. The other problem is that BM45 is a killer yeast meaning that it'll kill off any other Saccharomyces strain. Based on other people's experiments with BM45, they think this yeasty, sulfurous phase that occurs is due to the killer nature of the yeast.

    So my thought is to ferment with BM45 until it eats what it can and then add a sour blend, that does not contain a Saccharomyces strain, to finish off the fermentation. So for the sour enthusiasts, do you know of a blend that does not contain Saccharomyces? I was looking at the Wyeast site and all their sour blends seem to contain an ale yeast as well. I was thinking if anything, just using their Brett Lambicus strain which also has some cherry characteristics.

    Any thoughts or experience do this kind of thing?

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