Mash volume/strike temp auto-calc in recipe


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Sep 11, 2014
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I haven't searched so I don't know if this has been suggested before. I realize that when I actually brew a recipe, I can use the mash tab to calculate my strike temp and volume. I also know that the "Quick Water Requirements" gives at least the mash and sparge volumes.

But I really, really want to be able to have the recipe simply include these figures automagically based on the mash thickness variable that I put in. If the recipe "knows" the grain weight and I type in "1.4" for mash thickness, it's a piece of cake to calculate the mash volume. And from there, the strike temp.

I like to have the basic recipe contain this information when I print it. And planning water volumes is an important preparation component of brewing, especially for those of us who buy our brewing water.

Thanks - love the site and prefer it to BeerSmith after trying the latter side by side for the last few brews.
+1 for me :)
Was searching where to find the total volume of mash in the recipe but couldn't find it.
Since my mash tun is smaller then my boil tun, I'm limited to the maximum capacity of the mash tun. when I need to brew as much as possible, I would like to see what my total mash volume would be.
Nice to have : give a alert when mash volume will exceed the capacity of the mash tun.
Hi guys, these are great ideas. We're getting a ton of great feature requests coming through so it'll be a little bit before we can get through them, but I'm adding this to our feature tracking system to make sure we get to it.

Looks like the warning is allready implemented, or did I missed that all the time? :)