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Jul 9, 2012
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My LHBS stocks BSG malts. A lot of new Castle Belgian malts have been available to me but I haven't seen the choices in the malt drop-down in the recipe builders. I'm not sure if there is another thread with this request, but I was wondering if you could add these malts in the next release. I'll post the links that I can find.

A few of the big ones for me are:

- The chateu malts, specifically the 'Cara' malts that seem unique.

- The Weyermann Pale wheat malt

- Some of the new Briess malts. Ashburne, Cherrywood, etc.
First of all, let me say this is an important issue to us - to better support EVERY grain/malt out there, accurately and in an easy to use manner.

For now, we want to avoid cluttering the drop down with brand name malts. The current design needs to be opened up more to support additional grains, a search option, etc.

For now, what you can do is add them as inventory custom fermentables. They will then show up at the top of the drop down for you, and have the ppg and lovibond you provide.
I was kind of hoping just for a generalization of the malts; for example the pale wheat. But i'm not sure if other maltsters have anything like the Chateu grain available. I understand not wanting to clutter up the drop-down so I will add as custom fermentables. Thanks!
Hey can I add to this, there is no inclusion of any Australian Malts in the list.
That would be nice as our malts are similar but a little different to the European and US malts in general.
Joe White would be the main representative maltster in Australia.
This summer we are planning to update our grain list, allowing search, and to leverage all the custom ingredients that our fellow brewers have provided.

This might also involve pairing down the default grain list so it makes more sense to beginners. We will stay away from putting brand names in the drop down, because there are literally over a dozen types of 'pilsner' malt on the market and they are more or less the same. However, for brewers who want to get brand specific, or in the case of a malt that is unique to a maltzer, of course that needs to be supported.

For now, you can add it to the recipe as a custom fermentable. If you want to use the custom fermentable across several recipes we recommend you add it to your Inventory as a 'Custom Fermentable'. It will then appear at the top of the fermentables drop down list.

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I have prevented myself from asking for malt..and adjuncts to the list myself. But I was just reading this thread and had an idea that might make the database jump to unmanageable proportions ..Im not sure. My suggestion is to add a malts/adjuncts section to the profile listing. This list could be a master list that loads when someone requests it. One bit on/off switches to load or unload a larger list that would be comfortable under the recipe list and allow the user to pick/choose which he wants to load in his list. IF ALL where in there his list could be as short or as long as he personally wishes to deal with. If all the info where there then it would be easier for a novice to find it and load it rather than spend a week looking all over the net for things like the color and such to add it up. Just a thought
Perhaps we should add a new forum for "Ingredient Requests" to separate ingredients from features.
bilhelm96 said:
Perhaps we should add a new forum for "Ingredient Requests" to separate ingredients from features.

This is something we are currently specing out. We want to put users in control if it. There will be the base ingredients, and there will be user contributed ingredients for searching through.