London Pride is 90% Maris otter and 10% medium crystal. Target North down challenger Golding hops

Here is what I do. Took it from BYO. Some I see don’t have the Goldings at the end.

See you use extract. Find Maris otter extract and add medium crystal. The brown and carastan will take it away from Fullers Pride.
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@Josh Hughes, BYO.COM lists a London's Pride clone recipe from the March/April 2011 issue. I only get the print edition so can't check it out. Do you have an online subscription or does it appear in a more recent print edition? Beyond the recipe, I like to read about the style.
Here it is. It’s what I have above scaled/modified due to calculator. I add holdings at the end since the ESB does.
I just love it that so many people are getting back into brewing these ESBs and other English styles. They've been pushed off the shelves of even specialty stores where I live and no one but me even seemed to notice ....