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Jul 7, 2012
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When a brewery kegs its brew, does the beer go into the keg 'flat'/ unprimed so to speak? And the CO2 at the bar its destined for, primes the finished product? :?:
Commercial beer is carbonated at the brewery, and is packaged fully carbed. The CO2 at the bar is used to push the beer through the beer lines to the tap. Sometimes if the bar has too high a co2 pressure it will (if given enough time) increase the carbonation level in the keg beyond what is proper for the style. For instance, If the bar setup is for highly carbonated American lagers, and you should tap a keg of English Mild, at first the Mild would be properly carbonated, and taste fine, but after a week or so would taste different. Sharper, more acidic perhaps, more bitter. Of course finding a proper English Mild at a BMC bar would be unusual.
Thanks for the timely response!!
How do I find out the best way to fill and carbonate a Keg for commercial use?
Yes the plan would be to go commercial at some point in the future when I've completely trashed out the whole idea. And yes there are a lot of papers to sign and premises to be inspected by our delightful authorities but I'm thinking of going small scale first as I have little money but some extra time to spend on it, and see how it takes off. Will complete a few start-up brew business courses first etc...
Ill keep ya posted.
Was thinking of using the 200 Litre Speidel Braumeister as the system :idea:
Its the whole shooting match in one! Chiller to boot! All incorporated.
Approx USD 15K
Neat idea, love the space savings. The music grew on me. Umpah-Umpah... :lol: