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Feb 6, 2013
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So I started two separate threads on the questions board, but figured I'd consolidate and move over here with some pics. I have opted for a 2 keg system with double dual regulator but I also wanted to have upgrade capabilities. That said, I also purchased a 4-way gas manifold that I mounted inside the kegerator. After combing Craigslist and nearing a deal on a cheap used fridge, I found a friend who was upgrading appliances and who gave me a free fridge. Freezer on bottom is a weird setup relative to what I'm used to, but the higher profile of the fridge box is actually much better. The metal grids that held the shelves are actually perfect, as I was able to mount the manifold in a way that didn't take up extra space in the storage area. I drilled holes for 5 taps (I know, a couple of you have advocated for picnic taps, but it's in my garage and with the heat and humidity of summer, I don't want to be opening the door and getting all that weather inside the box), though I don't have all the actual taps yet. Couldn't find rubber stoppers, I made foil cylinders sprayed with Great Stuff insulating gap filler to serve as place holders for now. Also painted the side with chalkboard paint so the kids can play on it. Would have done the same with the front, but I opted for dry-erase magnet labels instead.


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