June 4, 2019 Updates and features!

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    Check out some of our new releases and features!

    • Brew Session - Phase bar, now numbered and more intuitive.
    • Data Sheets - Forced Carbonation Chart.
    • My Recipes - Search will now query all recipes regardless if they are in a folder or not.

    • Recipe Builder / Equipment Profile - Original Gravity calculation can now use boil size with evaporation rate instead of batch size when include evaporation rate is checked under equipment profile and batch target is fermenter. Click More next to the stats bar and find this under Equipment Profile.

    • Brew Session - Brew Log entry for Yeast Dump, amount collected will be subtracted from the packaging volume.

    • Inventory - Added default amount. New recipes will have these ingredients added by default with the amount set.

    • Inventory - Suggested Brews allows you to find public recipes from Brewer's Friend that have ingredients from your inventory. Only ingredients with an amount will be used.

    Please let us know what you think! We're always happy to hear from you!

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