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Sep 13, 2015
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If TILT is going to be supported, it would be easy to support iSpindle as well as BrewPiLess, which is my project.

1. support HTTP
ESP8266 , the mcu that iSpindel and BrewPiLess use, has tiny amount of memory. Therefore, it's difficult to support HTTPS. ESP8266 can do HTTPS but will use too much memory that other functionality might be affected.

2. Open API
Both iSpindel and BrewPiless are flexible to support generic HTTP server, if it is HTTP and has open API.

3.(Optional) remote configuration
WiFi is power hungry technology. Therefore, iSpindel only wakes up to report gravity and falls into sleep quickly. There was no way to access iSpindel when it was in working mode. By using the response of gravity report, users now can change the report period remotely.

4.(Optional) calibration on the go
BrewPiLess might be the first project having this features. iSpindel is a DIY project that needs user to "calibrate" it so that it can map tilt value into gravity. The process of calibration is tedious and wasteful. The idea of calibration on the go, or "Brew and Calibrate" which I call it, is providing the calibration points whenever we have it. Initially, at least two points can be provided: the OG and water of 1.0. Every time a gravity measurement is done, additional data point is entered to "refine" the polynomial that maps tilt to gravity.

BTW, here are some of my brew logs by using BrewPiLess and iSpindel:

Looks like a DIY Electronic Hydrometer. There's an English translation of the docs linked at the above site. I've linked here as well.

Sounds interesting!
Help, the Ispindle connects to Brewersfriend and I shown in the device settings, but will not automatically update after 15 mins, has anybody had similar issues ?