I updated this recipe again today. This time, added Ahtanum which the HUB website mentions (and strangely it doesn't mention Amarillo).

Now this beer has 5 hops:

Wow! This is going to be fun.
Will you please brew this already!!!!
I want to give it a go but I need a "this tastes just like HUB" post from you first.
What I really really want is a recipe to the "Abominable winter ale" from seasonle I had this year, and from a can none the less.

Getting there! Hops are in the freezer!

I just put an Oktoberfest in the fermentor today, that will be 3-4 weeks. I was going to brew a Pliney clone, but I can brew this one first. I doubt it will be spot on, but I can provide insight into what I'll do next.
I am looking forward to tasting some of the local brews in Portland this July so will keep this beer in mind. Will be making the trip over from MT to the Brewfest the 25-26th. The beers we get over here are good, but should be a huge variety there. The clone for our local favorite "Cold Smoke" popped up on the recipe site but haven't had time to try brewing it yet.
Had to push HUB IPA out another 2-3 weeks.

Bought yeast at the LHBS for this and my Orange Wheat (Wyeast 2112 Cali Lager). Given the 2112 was a little older, going to brew that first for max freshness. When that is done, HUB IPA is next!

Also heard a rumor that the 'house strain' at HUB is Wyeast 1968 London ESB, so I switched the recipe over to that. That actually makes sense because Ninkasi's Total Domination uses the same strain, and there are similarities between the two.

My version will also have a couple pounds less of pilsner since I want it to be about 5% ABV and not 6.5%. I didn't spring the extra money for the organic pilsner either.
Okay just started the mash on this. Going with Wyeast 1968 London ESB yeast.
Packaged this today. Tastes darn good already. I'll post some pics and a full review once it is carbed up. So far wouldn't change much. It is still green so who knows.

Squeezing the hops bags really brought out the bitterness!
So far really good. It is still carbing in the keg, so I'm not 100% ready to comment on it. I think it is close to the real thing, perhaps richer in flavor, and I'm not sure what I would change at this point. There is this delicious aftertaste that builds over about 10 seconds after swallowing.

By the way, I dialed back the hops and subtracted 1 pound of pilsner. The shared recipe is updated. Also, I did not use organic pils, I just went with the standard stuff.

The yeast - London ESB Wyeast 1968 appears to be on the money!
Had a glass yesterday, while still not fully carbed and a little murky, I would say it is pretty close to the original. Probably my best 1st try at a clone recipe so far. A very enjoyable, and flavorful IPA too!

The flavor of my version is richer and simply 'more' than the IPA on tap at HUB. My version coats the tongue in a nice way, and there is this awesome time release bitterness that takes about 10 seconds to peak. The amarillo grapefruit component carries and then the clean magnum kicks in. Makes you want to have another sip immediately. That is what I call drink-ability - I love it!

Will take some experimenting. Next time I might reduce the C40 and Munich by a few %. The bittering hop amount is perfect. However, the flavor/aroma hops could be adjusted some, maybe less centennial, and 20% less overall hops? I remember a piney note in the HUB IPA, so maybe dial back the magnum and add summit at 30 for a proportional amount of IBUs? I'm just guessing here.

To anybody who was waiting to brew this - go for it, it is awesome! Keep us posted if you do, would love to narrow this down with other people's input.
HUB's beer is filtered, and mine is not - that is a another differentiator.