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Discussion in 'General Brewing Discussions' started by vthokiedsp, Feb 22, 2018.

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    I brewed a DIPA recently and accidentally ended up with about 5 lbs more malt in the mash than planned on. During the brew, i had a feeling something was off because of my water volumes going into the boil. Anyways, it didn't fully dawn on me what happened until i took my OG and was in excess of 1.10. I decided to just go ahead with it and see what fermentation did. Final gravity came down to 1.022 which was pretty good (super SD was a beast! esp considering i under pitched grossly for the OG) but the beer is sweeter than I really enjoy and the sweetness has overwhelmed the hops. It's two weeks in bottles and is a pretty good beer despite the sweetness and dimmed hop profile. The bitterness is fine.

    Long intro for the gist of my post...has anyone tinkered with adding hops, in some form or another, after pouring the beer into a glass? My goal would be to add a touch of hoppiness aroma and flavor to bring the sweetness and hoppiness more in balance. If i did something like this, i could almost make it part of the presentation of the pour...like absynthe. the carbonation should volatilize some of the oils and really make the hops pop, even with very small additions. Some thoughts i've had are:

    -add a pellet to the glass prior to pouring
    -create a hop extract or solution to apply to the beer during or after pour
    -put a pellet in a tea strainer while pouring the beer (a pour man's hopback...get it? poor man. pour man. sorry.)
    -add a cone to the glass (not sure of concentration of this versus a pellet)
    -buy a hop oil and just add a drop

    Thoughts? experience with this? Concerns or things to be aware of?
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    I wouldn't do the pellet or tea strainer unless you're a fan of things floating in your beer haha. The cone could be a nice presentation, but I doubt you'd extract anything of much use at beer serving temperatures, even with carbonation. The hop tea or extract could be a fun experiment. One idea would be to keep the tea/tincture in a dropper bottle and add it (before the pour, to help with mixing without stirring your beer) to your desired level of bitterness.
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    Agree with this.
    We put a few fresh hop cones right off the vine in our beers when they are ready to be picked and you really only get slight aroma, very little bitter. I would try tea.

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