Honey Wheat for late spring

Looks great! You might cut back 1 pound of LME and get the ABV closer to 5%.

That yeast is gives the old world hefe notes - clove, banana, and spice. If you want a clean honey only profile - go with American Hefe yeast. Wyeast and WhiteLabs carry it.

Don't forget to check out the yeast pitching calculator. With dry yeast, I'd use 2x 11g packs, with liquid I'd do a starter.
Thanks for the advice. Yeah I think I will go with the American Hefe yeast instead. Im looking for more of the clean honey taste.
Be careful with the honey! If you are intending to boil it, you'll lose the honey flavor but if you don't, you'll have to find another way of pasteurizing it because honey carries lots of microbes and wild yeasts. Here's a link that will help you use the honey safely while preserving its aroma:

http://beersmith.com/blog/2009/09/05/br ... ith-honey/

In fact, scanning the article once again, I'd keep the LME and lose a pound of the honey to bring the brew's alcohol content down, that is, unless you want to introduce mead-like flavors to your beer. You'll get honey flavors out of the honey malt, too....