Home brew night at the Brew Hut

Discussion in 'Brewing Photos & Videos' started by GernBlanston, Jul 13, 2014.

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    Hey, all you Denver area brewers, don't forget to come to the Brew Hut this Thursday, 17 Jly 14. Nosy, I know you will be there, but any other locals, get off your ass, get motivated, and come and taste my beer! (and Nosy's as well). I will have a German Alt experiment, as well as my Markwiser and Markwiser Light. Make an effort. I will be the best looking guy you have ever seen in a beard, with a limp, and a Pink Floyd shirt. Cheers!
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    Aurora, CO, USA
    Unfortunately or not, I'll be about 6,000 miles from there. I'm currently in Germany on a business trip that doesn't end until next Friday so I'll miss this one. I'll also miss the German Alt Experiment, dang it! The trip came up suddenly and I was given little time to plan so even Debbie's wine will have to wait for its premier. Unless, that is, she packs up some of hers and some of mine and heads over on her own. Mark Hurley has promised to look after her for me, wait a minute.... ;-)

    Cheers, Aurora/Denver homebrewers and I'll (hopefully) see you next time!

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