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    Scappoose, OR
    Hello from Far Off Scappoose: (It is 18 miles NW of Portland).

    Hi, I am a retired engineer enjoying brewing on the outskirts of Portland in the great NW. I had made beer 20 plus years ago, and am enjoy the advances currently available to home brews.

    I have a partner to share expenses with. My specialty are the old (1850) Scottish Ales, German Lagers and Abby Ales. He likes American Ales with lots of hops. Currently we are working on a raspberry ale.

    This is a great site and a big help to the home brewer. Many thanks and much appreciation to those who put it together.

    We do all grain and try to get 5.5 gallons in the fermenter. Our system is semi gravity, we bottle condition, and lager all of our beers to some extent.

    I believe in liquid yeast, starters, high pitch rates, accurate measurements, and keeping everything clean and sanitized. It is easy to taste the difference.

    BTW; that is our beer in the glass.

    Tom McLean
    on The Wet Coast

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