forgot to take sample


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Jun 13, 2017
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So excited to get the beer into the keg that I forgot to take a hydro sample! Can I just pour a jar and let it go flat then use it for a sample or just trust the process :cool:
I've never forgotten the fermenter reading but I have forgotten others. Personally I'd just let it go. Unless you really need to know the ABV then it's not absolutely critical to have the FG. If you have a solid process you can probably just let it go this time. I don't know about kegging but stands to reason if you can get all the CO2 out that the SG would be the same as before kegging
Unless you think it’s off, don’t worry about it. Drink up!
I have on occasion forgot to take the OG or FG reading. In those cases I just use what the recipe calculator said it should be. It make it a guestimate instead of a measurement but I figure it's close enough.
Yup sure can.
I know the rare time I've sat in as a rookie Judge we had hydrometers on the table if we wanted to take a Final Gravity reading.
Not withstanding you'd have to let it warm up and degass.