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Discussion in 'Brewer's Friend Announcements' started by lucianthorr, Dec 6, 2018.

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    I'm not sure if this is the correct place for a post like this but...
    I've been using Brewers Friend for a couple years now and I love it but the more I use it, the more I realize I don't really know if I'm doing anything right regarding dialing in a recipe and brew session.

    I'm wondering if anyone else thinks it would be good to choose an equipment profile inside the recipe editor? I'm finding that predicting OG and water volumes are inextricable from equipment... the amount of grain you choose to use is based on the amount of wort you're planning on boiling, which is based on how much you can use vs. how much you lose to dead space, chillers and tubing.
    I can put that stuff in the equipment profile but the recipe is going to predict a 9% ABV when I'm really planning on making a 6% IPA and losing a couple gallons to my oversized kettle and chiller. I can also tell the recipe I'm making an 8 gallon batch instead of a 6 gallon but then why have equipment profiles?

    I also just noticed that there is an equipment profile dropdown in the "More..." part of the recipe editor but I'm assuming that's only used once you start a brew session but by then, I would already have set up the recipe.

    And really, I could very well be missing some vital component that does all of this. (That's was the case the last time I asked a question on here:))

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    Well, you can put that 2 gallons of trub in the kettle dead space, the boil off or in the misc losses- BUT if you're throwing away 2 gallons of wort with each brew, that should be looked at. If it's a boil off, you increase the volume of the boil off and not a 'loss' like if you're throwing away the wort in the dead space or in the chiller. I hope that makes sense!
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