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Feb 27, 2013
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I can't seam to find sparge water amount and temp when I create a brew session . What i would like to see on the brew session check list is add x amount of water qt and gallon and y temp. Is this possiable?
Re: sparge water amount and temp

We can pretty easily get the volume of strike water and sparge water.

However, the strike temp is dependent on ambient temp, which we don't know in advance. What you can do for now is go to the mash calculator tab where there is a strike calculator function.
Re: sparge water amount and temp

Should that not be part of the batch menu? When you brew each batch these #s need to be readily available. Am I missing something?
Re: sparge water amount and temp

We'll look into making these numbers more up front, perhaps as part of the brew steps, or in some kind of brew summary readout. That said, we need to be careful not to clutter things. Right now they are tucked away because they are only needed at certain point in the brew process. The Mash Calculator section does provide them, and provides flexibility on brew day in case you decide to change your mash thickness, or it is super cold in your brewing area.
Re: (NEXT RELEASE) sparge water amount and temp

The next release will add the strike water volume calculation to the water requirements readout (Recipe Tools -> Quick Water Requiements), or on the Water Requirements tab on the brew session.

In terms of adding more volume specific data to the brew steps, that will also go into the next release. The list of brew steps is also printable.

This doesn't include the temp, but again that is dependent on the ambient temp so that aspect will still need to be done on brew day.

The screenshot below is for a batch with 12 pounds of grain.


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Just launched improvements that address this:

Water requirements readout now breaks out strike and sprage amounts based on profile settings.
Brew steps now shows overall water volume, strike volume, and expected starting kettle volume.

As for the temp, again that needs to be an on the spot thing, and that is what the mash calculator tab is for.

Thanks again for the suggestion! This will be useful to a lot of folks, especially fly spargers - showing them the target pre-boil volume. Personally, I tend to adjust my mash thickness between 1.5-2.0 qt/lb depending on the recipe. Especially if I have a huge grain bill I mash a little thicker.


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It would be nice in the brew session steps to include the target strike temp if available from the mash calculator tab or at minimum in the steps direct the user to the mash calc tab to determine strike temp for this brew session and equipment profile.