Brewer's Friend wishes you a happy new year!

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    The staff of Brewer's Friend would like to wish everyone a happy New Year! Below we will recap 2021 and give a preview of our initial road map for 2022s larger projects.

    2021 recap

    In 2021 we started a large project with creating new native mobile apps for Android and iOS, working with a group of dedicated beta users from the brewer's friend community to test, provide feedback, and iterate over many months. The app is now in final stages while we continue to focus on providing the best user experience that we can and ensuring the release product is working well, smoothly, and is easy to use. We continue to improve the apps implementation of brew timers, water chemistry, and troubleshooting some lingering syncing issues between the app and web.
    Brewer's Friend Team
    Here at Brewer's Friend, we have a couple announcements to make regarding staff.

    Mark / Pricelessbrewing has taken on the role of software manager, ensuring we're focused on the core features of the software, namely recipe builder first, and supporting our customer experience.

    We have a new developer to welcome to the fold as well, Brett joined the team part time last year and has proven to be a great addition to the Brewer's Friend team. Going forward Brett will be our main full time developer as we stay focused on our core features.

    2022 roadmap

    Looking beyond the release of the much anticipated mobile apps, 2022 will be the year of getting back to basics. Our immediate roadmap is to focus on the core features of the recipe builder that are currently an opportunity, namely water calculation, temperature calculation within the QWR and mash guidelines features. Beyond that we will be moving on to making the water chemistry features easier to use, following up on the success of the user workflow of the mobile app and continuing to improve. Then we will be coming back to the mash guidelines to build upon the immediate updates coming soon and making it as automated and easy to use as possible for you, our users.

    Thank you for using Brewer's Friend in 2021, and we look forward to your continued support!

    As always, if there is anything we can do, please do not hesitate to reach out to u/Yooper or myself and let us know how we continue to improve our user experience.
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    Cheers BF team thanks for all the work you all do behind the sceans making our brew days streamlined. I for one enjoy using your software and them many helpful brew tools you provide.
    Cheers to a prosperous 2022!
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