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    I'm a newbie one-gallon brewer (done 4 batches as for now). I tried several recipe sources and now I'm trying out the Brewer's Friend. The thing is that most of the recipes are 5+ gallon batches so I'm going to use Scale function which as I understood requires Equipment profile to be properly configured (at least mash and sparge water volumes change up to 0.5 gal). Could someone recommend what the optimal settings should be? Or maybe you could share what do you use for your equipment.
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    Here's my setup:

    - 10-quarts wide stainless steel boil kettle
    - 2-gallon Igloo cooler mash tun
    - I do sparge/lauter by just pouring out all the stuff on the strainer
    - Simple one-gallon glass fermenter.
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    Thanks. I would really appreciate it.
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    The Scale function has an issue, in fact, there's an issue with the recipe calculators in that once you've saved the recipe, it's hard to change the equipment profile. What you need to do is run water through your system, say three gallons, as if you were making a recipe. Whatever doesn't make it to the fermentor are your deadspace losses. Now factor in grain absorption (if you're doing all-grain), the default works fine for me, and losses to hop absorption (negligible in one gallon batches) and you have your absorption losses. Figure out your boil-off rate by, you guessed it, boiling water, the amount you'd normally have of wort, for an hour. If you rack, figure out how much wort you lose racking and bottling. Now enter all those losses into the recipe builder equipment profile and voile! It's now set to your system.

    There's another loss that isn't factored in for those of us using slightly slower heating mechanisms - evaporation prior to the boil. It's a miscellaneous loss.

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