Brewer’s Edge Mash&Boil equipment profile set up ??.

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    Hello I have a question about setting up a equipment profile for my Brewer’s Edge Mash&Boil. I going through the set up an I see two areas Where it says Kettle Dead Space an another that says Mash-tun Dead space now my other question is sense I am mashing an boiling in the same unit shouldn’t I be using just the kettle dead space an not the mash-tun dead space or Both of them. I am thinking I would just use the kettle dead space see with the Brewer’s Edge Mash&Boil it’s a unit where you mash/boil in the same unit...
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    Yep, for the single vessel systems set the mash tun deadspace to 0 and the kettle dead space to whatever you leave behind.

    Or you can set both to 0 and set the target in your batch to fermenter. Then you increase the batch size by however much you want to leave behind. This has the advantage of allowing you to change the leftovers for each recipe. So if you've got a lot of hops in your batch and you don't want to transfer it you can increase the batch size. Or if it's a simple beer without much hops you can set the batch size a little lower as you'll transfer more.

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