Boil size and final boil volume


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Feb 24, 2013
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Just a quick question. The final boil volume when set to kettle. Is this volume measured at 212F or once its cooled to 70F. I have a counter flow chiller not an immersion chiller. Just want to know if I have to account for shrinkage. If its messured at 70F then for a 12 gal batch (what I usually shoot for) I would need it to actually read 12.6 at the end of the boil.

The recipe editor assumes the temperature corrected value.

From the quick water requirements:
Volumes listed are calibrated to 68 °F / 20 °C.
Ok that helps. I looked into the quick water requirement listing. I haven't actually used that much. It appears that both the beginning and ending boil volume are based on 68C. I usually turn on my kettle once the heating element is covered so that its fairly close to boiling once the sparge is done. Basically if I want to collect 13 Gal preboil at 68C then I need to collect 13.7 gal at 212. and boil it down to 12.7 gal. This will give me 12 gal in the kettle once its cooled to 68C. This should help me hit my volume better.
Good to hear!

The brew log feature has a temperature correction checkbox when entering volumes. This is based on your cooling shrinkage equipment profile option.