BF Windows App - any way to save inventory lists?


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Aug 14, 2019
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Gentlemen, excuse me if I'm posting in a wrong thread of the forum.
I've been using Brewer's Friend Windows App for a year and I absolutely love it.
Recently I had to reinstall my system and lost all my heavily customized inventory lists in BF App (like Grain, Hops, Yeast and all), which is a pain as now I have to re-fill all those gone lists again.

My question is, if there's any way to export inventory lists from BF Win App?
Maybe, there's some system folder where the Win App stores its customized lists so that I might copy and save them from there?

Thank you.
No, unfortunately. The Windows app never came out of beta, and I’m actually surprised you were able to find it and download it. We do not support it at all I’m afraid.
Oops. Now I see, it's an obsolete app. I downloaded it from this very website:
It's been my only tool to calculate my recipes for a year, the interface is so much better than in BeerSmith.
Thank you for the prompt reply.
We recommend our site version, which is updated and fully optimized for mobile devices. Sorry I don’t have better news about the Windows app.
Thank you for your support, Yooper.
Just after you told me yesterday the app was obsolete I finally found the way to export and save the inventory lists. They're stored in the BMData.xml file in the program directory. I copied it along with the extracted BrewersFriend.exe file to My Documents folder, and now I have a web-independent, perfectly saveable and editable copy of my custom lists. Now I have to re-fill them manually but then I'll have them forever. I wonder why I didn't find out this simplest thing before.
Great app guys, I really value it above all others. There's nothing like BF Win App when calculating a recipe.