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Discussion in 'iPhone Application Forum' started by kblankenship11, Jan 7, 2014.

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    I've been meaning to send this request in for a while now. I've been using the iPhone app the last few brew days to give some feedback on it. I love the app but I have a few suggestions from using it.

    I always start a recipe into brew mode from my PC, get my things together and then use my phone as I take notes. I couldn't figure it out until a short while after that I had to go into the brew session then click the sync button in there to send the information to the cloud so I could see it on my PC. To me BF is a cloud tool, so when I enter a brew log, send it to the cloud. I would think I wouldn't need to worry about pressing a sync button because my expectation is that it should send right when I enter it, at least that's what I think to myself...

    I also think it should sync when you first open it. Lets say I haven't opened it for a month, my assumption would be that it's behind in the brew logs and recipes anyways so sync right away.

    Love the app & love Brewers Friend. Thanks so much!!

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