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Discussion in 'Feature Requests' started by Foogod, Mar 7, 2018.

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    (I found a couple of old posts talking about integrating the bottling calculator with the brew log, which would potentially be nifty, but since it was apparently never done, is basically moot, and frankly seems like overkill for most common situations anyway. I would like to suggest something much easier/quicker to implement which would still make things much better for those of us who regularly bottle our brews: )

    Can we just add a couple more options for units in the "packaged" brewlog entry form for common bottle sizes? It currently supports "Quarts", "Gallons", "Ounces", and "Liters". I would like to suggest adding the following as well:
    • 12oz/355ml Bottles (US standard)
    • 22oz/650ml Bottles ("craft"/"bomber" bottles)
    • 330ml Bottles (UK/Euro standard)
    • 500ml Bottles
    • 750ml Bottles ("wine bottles")
    (Depending on demand, one could potentially add other sizes from the bottling calculator as well, but I suspect most of the other sizes aren't used as frequently for entire batches, so probably not as big a deal)

    This would make things much more convenient for anyone who regularly bottles their batches ("I packaged 24.5 22oz bottles!" vs "umm, how many ounces was that? Where did I put my calculator?")...
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