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  1. jeffpn
    I do everything wrong when it comes to brewing, but I like what I brew.
  2. The Green Man
    The Green Man
    Bit amazed my S04 has munched its way down to 1.012 after a much less than ideal start. Well done little fellas.
  3. CRUNK
    Going to spend this winter brewing my house helles, and bottling it, to build up my stock for 2018 until March.
  4. Nwmalthead
    Excited for my pumpkin ale... but what to call it?
    1. jeffpn
      Pumpkinhead Martin, after the cartoon “Hillbilly Hare.”
      Oct 26, 2017
    2. Jeremiah White
      Jeremiah White
      Out of My Gourd?
      Oct 28, 2017
  5. The Green Man
    The Green Man
    Still one week until I can taste the latest brew. Almost out of ale too...
  6. The Green Man
    The Green Man
    First taste of Richardson's Folly tomorrow...will it have the malty sweetness I'm after?
  7. Starter Hops
  8. jv763231
    Hello, my name is Jenifer Vasquez. I live in California and i have done my studied from University of Technology Los Angeles California.
  9. The Green Man
    The Green Man
    Brew day tomorrow. Can't wait.
  10. Hendrix
    Brewing enthusiast!
  11. Yeti76620
    Yeti76620 [email protected]
  12. Yeti76620
    Yeti76620 2osaviabe
    Hey!!!! Where you call home these days??
    ir ahh Yeti in the high lonesome Colorado Territory... Hefeweizen in my game...
  13. picklemon
    not enough time. not enough beer.
  14. Starter Hops
    Starter Hops
    Thinking about crushing those grapes
  15. The Green Man
    The Green Man
    One week until I can try my latest brew...then its too early
  16. Bstang
    The Brew Stang
  17. witchk
    witchk Nosybear
    Mr. Nosybear Good day how are you today i show your message when do you want the stuff you can whatsapp me +27631931241 we can talk for more details
  18. The Green Man
    The Green Man
    Just bottled my Revelation PA. Looked and smelled good...and got 20 bottles, 7+ litres. Very happy.
  19. 4ferraras
    Thinking about the next 5 batches....
  20. Trialben
    Three lovely beerz on tap lucky boy!