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Thursday, December 4th, 2014

It is with great pride we announce the merging of and

What were once two great brewing resources can now be found under one domain,, and this means a lot of great things for our two platforms.

First, we are combining the recipes databases to produce one of the largest collections of beer recipes online.

Second, BrewersFriend gets a full time technical administrator in the form of Josh Smith from Brew Print. He has spent the last few months now combing over the code and the features of BrewersFriend and I can say with absolute certainty that he will be on top of every issue, every fix, every suggestion that he decides to implement. Furthermore Josh will also be heading up server administration as we migrate to newer, faster servers meaning better response times and faster page loads.

BrewersFriend members will also see more comprehensive information pages on ingredients, techniques, and styles, along with the ability to purchase recipes in an easy to use format.

For Brewprint members this means a new larger community to be part of, which in turn means more brewing knowledge, which leads to better beers from better brewers. The goal from the beginning has been to “Brew Better Beer”, and that goal lives on in the merging of our two great platforms. Once the merge is complete, Brewprint members will be able to access their recipes and accounts on using the e-mail addresses and passwords they previously used on Brewprint.

As we move into the future I know great things are in store. From both Josh and myself, it’s an honor and a privilege to serve our independent communities and to continue on in the spirit of brewing legacy and tradition makes our communities so great. Apart we are two great communities. Together we are a huge brewer’s resource, better than the sum of our parts.

So if you will, please join me in raising a glass to the merging of BrewPrint and BrewersFriend.



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