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April 2013 Release is Live, Refractometer Support, Calories, iPhone 1.2 sync, Lifetime Memberships

Friday, April 19th, 2013

More cool new features at your disposal. Our mission is to help you brew better beer! Enjoy!

Refractometer Support:


Calories per 12oz / 355 mL:

  • The recipe editor, under the More… section will now show the calorie count.
  • In the brew session section, there is a new line for calories which appears after the fermentation completely log entry is made.Calorie Calculation Beer In Recipe EditorCalorie Calculation In Brew Session


Lifetime Memberships Available:

  • We have re-enabled Lifetime Memberships!

    Lifetime Membership

  • If you already have a Premium Membership that has a lot of time left you are in a good spot. Down the road we plan to setup a discount program for members who want to convert from a Premium Membership to a Lifetime Membership.


iPhone 1.2 Release, which supports sync (premium account required):

Other Updates:

  • Our Stand Alone ABV Calculator has been updated to calculate calories, attenuation, and support Plato!
  • Usual minor bug fixes, platform updates, etc.

Don’t forget about The Big Brew Day, coming up May 4th at your Local Home Brew Store!  At the stores here in Portland there will be lots of brewing going on, food, discounts, and of course home brew! Have a blast!

Happy brewing!

  1. 6 Responses to “April 2013 Release is Live, Refractometer Support, Calories, iPhone 1.2 sync, Lifetime Memberships”

  2. While I’m happy to see that you’ve added a lifetime membership option, I hope you reconsider your price point. That’s equivalent to ten years if you’re paying on a yearly basis for a Premium Membership. Committing 10+ years to any software, no matter how good and well-supported it is in its current state, is asking an awful lot.

    By Eric Branchaud on Apr 19, 2013

  3. In terms of the price point, we are well in line with other online brewing sites that offer memberships, like Home Brew Talk, The Electric Brewery, etc. Keep in mind, if you buy a lifetime membership, you are getting the exclusive member badge, priority support, and you are insulated from future price increases (inflation).

    By Larry on Apr 19, 2013

  4. Any plans to develop a similar Android app?

    By Dennis on Apr 19, 2013

  5. Never mind! I see it in the market now!

    By Dennis on Apr 19, 2013

  6. Iphone App?

    Why should I have to pay for the App if Im already a paid up Premium member?

    By ChilliMayne on Jul 4, 2013

  7. You can still use the website itself through mobile Safari on the phone, but an internet connection is required for that to work.

    The iPhone app lets you work offline. The iPhone app is also a tailored iPhone ‘user experience’. Because of the way the app store works, there is no way to discount the app for premium members and still sell it to those who want the app but not the premium subscription.

    By Larry on Jul 5, 2013

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